I have always been interested in art and used to only work in acrylics and oils until 2005 when I was inspired by the works of Todd Lockwood, which got me looking into the world of digital art.

In early 2006 after playing with basic digital works, I joined up with DeviantArt’s worldwide online galleries. Through this I discovered the awesome Anne Stokes’ digital fantasy art. Her work and kind, honest advice got me thinking more seriously about becoming a professional Freelance Artist. I then acquired my first graphics tablet in late 2006 and have painted mainly digitally since then. My first professional commissioned work came for the T-shirt company Spiral. From this, and other subsequent clients, I learned to understand the needs of my clients and increased my knowledge of digital art. I have been a fulltime Freelance artist since the start of 2008.

Such things as dragons, vampires and the supernatural have always held a deeper place in my heart. Its the scope they give in creation that I love. They inspire age old stories in which can be expressed through a painting. I love the detail and different shapes to which you can give dragons and the gothic atmosphere that the supernatural allow for. If you would like to commission a painting for such a creature or any thing else just contact me at: Sheblackdragon@gmail.com

I have done work for such companies as: Spiral, ImageCrazy, Darkside clothing, Microcosm Games Ltd, Dreamscarred Press and, Triple Ace Games, Mongoose Publishing, Axe Initiative Games, Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd, and Postmortem Studios.

I also attend various conventions around the year where I exhibit and sell my art.

Recently, I have just started up a new company, Talking Skull, with my husband producing card and board games initially, but with an eye to developing a variety of projects. My work will be available for sale online via the Talking Skull webstore when it goes live later this year.

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