These are some of the conventions and trade shows where you can find me.

Conception (January/February)

This games conventions has been around for over a decade, though to date I’ve not traded there, preferring to attend casually. However, this does not mean that I might not decide to trade in the future.

Cardiff Comic Con (March)

At time of writing, I’ve never actually had the chance to go to my local Comic Con, but this year I’ll be trading there. Very exciting!

UKGamesExpo (May/June)

This weekend event is very much focussed towards exposure for the industry both to veterans and newcomers, including family. I shall be a guest artist in 2014 and shall be talking on a seminar.

Dragondaze (September)

This, apparently, is a convention that was around 30 years ago and is now making a return in Newport in 2014. I’ll be there both as SheBlackDragon and with my husband representing Talking Skull, also.

OddConUK (October)

This small friendly games convention is co-run by my husband so I can be found there with a selection of work, though I go as much to have fun as to work. It’s a great little weekend run in a hotel in Telford.

Indiecon (November)

A games convention focussing on independent gaming companies at which I usually trade when I attend. It takes place at an off-season holiday village in Highcliff lasting for four days.

Dragonmeet (November/December)

This one-day games event in London is more a trade show than other conventions. Games still happen, but the main focus is on exposure for the game designers. I’ve been a guest at Dragonmeet for a few years in the past and was again in 2013, showcasing my newest designs and RPG illustrations.

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