DragonDaze 2018

My local gaming convention has been going for a few years now and is steadily growing, this year with 1,200 people attending. It has a healthy mix of games, guests, traders and cosplay as part of a family-friendly games convention and mini comic con in Newport (Wales).

I was there again with my trade stand and my array of products, both licensed and self-produced. I have been trading since the very first Dragondaze (not including it’s earlier incarnation about 30 years ago – I’m not that old!). It’s a quieter convention than some, but I enjoy it immensely, and the flow of interest at my stand remains fairly steady.

This year featured the debut of two new licensed products with my art on.

Bags, purses and wallets by The World of 3D and small canvases by Something Different.

I enjoyed the passing gallery of various cosplayers.

Not sure who this is meant to be, but is little girl was Captain America and very proud of her daddy.

This is Iron Warrior (who you can find on Facebook as Iron Warrior Cosplay).

I founded “Hug An Alien” day, it would seem for the number of hugs this xenomorph received after.

A little far from 29 Acacia Road – Bananaman found time to admire my wares while not saving the day.

Vader thought he could sense much fear in me – but as I told him, to his fear, I trembled not with fear but with love.

This year I did not have red hair. Had I known I would meet Ciri and Yennefer from Witcher 3, I would have dyed it red again so I could be Triss.

And speaking of Witcher 3:

The man behind the voice of Geralt!

Doug Cockle was a lovely man and we exchanged a cheeky back-and-forth (yes, I did geek out for a moment). He came round to my stand to have a chat before leaving. Squee! 😀

In total, Dragondaze raised £2,555 split between Sparkle, Barnardos and the Lions Charity Fund.

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