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blue moon dragon t-shirt

Now Available Exclusively Online!

While I still have many designs licensed for t-shirts, not all of my designs have been taken up at once. So, in an effort to make more of my designs available and since there have been lots of demand for certain designs on t-shirts, I’ve looked into providing them myself direct to fans of my art and available for me to sell at conventions.

I’ve looked at a number of options, including the time-limited campaign model that seems very popular on social media at the moment. The main problem was that what I really wanted to do was simply make my designs available to the people who wanted it. I found one that I hope will work nicely and better yet they have a very ethical model, with the t-shirts made from organic cotton from ethically accredited wind-powered factories with full traceability. UK-based Teemill have limits on how many products I can list currently, so I may have to swap them out from time-to-time until that limit changes.

Most of all, I’m very excited to finally get my Blue Moon Dragon onto a t-shirt. This one, particularly, has been much requested and it’s now available in a number of styles, including unisex, women’s fitted, youth, hoodies, and more. Also available are Daemon in Rosa and Pirate Kitten.

With fast delivery world-wide, there is plenty of time to get yourself some t-shirts, vests, hoodies and even tote bags – or stock up on Christmas presents. Visit my shop now by clicking here or on the menu above. Be sure to share my shop so your friends can see it, too. 🙂

Meanwhile, prints of any picture on my site are still available, simply contact me directly for a quote.

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