New T-Shirt Range Coming Soon!

Let’s kick off this website relaunch with some exciting news!

A brand new range of T-shirts licensed to Darkside Clothing and branded under SheBlackDragon is due out in the next couple of months! I am hoping for this to mark a bigger launch into the world of licensing for different products with my new designs.

Over the past few months, it may have seemed that I have been a little quite on the art front, but on the contrariety I have been busy experimenting with new techniques and trying to really up the quality of my work, getting more depth and fluffiness into painting fur – very good for the much-loved cat designs. 😉 In addition, looking at tricks for bringing out that little bit more magic and atmosphere to the feeling of the designs. As well as, of course, painting a set of new designs for the range.

Pictured (right) is an example of one of my new designs, Will-o’-the-Wisp’s Call. More examples of my new work available for licensing can be found on the Licensed Art page.

I have been also looking into some interesting themes for sets of designs which, over the course of this year, make for some interesting art that I hope you will all derive much enjoyment from. 🙂

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