As of today I am re-launching my Patreon page to encompass all of my art and not just one specific project. I’ve put my Flower Dragons project on hiatus, but will continue working on it as and when I can.

I have a ton of other cool projects and art designs that I really want to work on and moving to a monthly format that includes all of my art seemed like the right move for me.

I have set into place some new tiers in which you can either buy me a coffee (or tea, or hot chocolate) or buy me lunch.

I have a new first goal! I’ll include video diaries of what’s going on with me and with my work. A personal update, just for my patrons!

NOTE: If you are already a Patron, you’ll need to re-select a new membership tier as the old ones do not exist anymore. Sorry about that, but I hope you all received my private message from last night.

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