Rising Again

Over the past few crazy years, big changes and big decisions alongside big losses in my personal and professional life sapped a lot of my energy. As such, I’ve not always posted as frequently as I might have liked.

Amongst all of this, I also caught Covid last October and was very unwell for about a month. For those of you who don’t know, I am classed as Critically Extremely Vulnerable and am extremely lucky that things didn’t go far worse for me. Recovery has been taking a very long time. While mostly better, it also triggered my Behçet’s, causing several back-to-back flare-ups on top of long Covid symptoms. While things could have been a lot worse, it has still been hard juggling everything as well as battling chronic fatigue and the mental impact that brings.

Not everything has been bad, but it has taken time to adjust. However, this has all made it rather hard to be quite as creative and still keep up with social media. The decision to home educate my children has been inspiring and grounding. Rekindling a drive to learn and create alongside them, I have probably gained almost as much from it as they have.

Things are slowly finding a rhythm, and I am fighting through my ongoing health issues. Like the phoenix in my painting, Birth of the Phoenix, I rise from the ashes and live again!

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