License Agreement with DiabloSkinz

diabloskinz-logoSheBlackDragon is pleased to announce a licensing agreement with DiabloSkinz for the purposes of skins and cases for electronic devices. My designs will appear under both SheBlackDragon and the new sub-brand SheWhiteDragon.

DiabloSkinz make a wide variety of popular skins for a large number of smartphones, tablets, games consoles, laptops, tablets, iPods and Kindles.

I’m really looking forward to seeing these skins available and nabbing a few for myself!

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2 Responses to License Agreement with DiabloSkinz

  1. carol gutierrez says:

    I like one of your designs….it’s the purple butterflies in front of the tree man. all in purples. Would it possible for me to get a tattoo of it? I don’t know if I need your permission or not–so I thought I’d ask. Thank you

  2. Beverly Medley says:

    Awesome site, I can not wait to check out the cross stitch.

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