Announcing SheWhiteDragon

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here in the Land of the Dragon while I’ve been negotiating more licensing deals for my art. My Facebook page burst past 2.5k Likes so there has been a lot of interest on seeing my work on products other than t-shirts.

When I originally took on the name SheBlackDragon, my work was primarily gothic fantasy, but some of my work doesn’t always fit the name and impression that name gives. So, while at the start of my career in licensing, it made sense to create a new brand, especially for these softer, lighter designs.

And so, in a recent meeting, SheWhiteDragon was born. This sister-brand to my established name means there’ll be a lot of working towards establishing this dual-branding. It’s still early days yet, but expect a few changes in the months to come.

Of course, SheBlackDragon is first and always my primary identity.

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